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Fragile Homes is a 3-piece Alternative Rock group hailing from the Central New Jersey Shore. From bed rooms to studio spaces, Fragile Homes and it's members have been cutting their teeth as musicians for the greater part of the last 10 years.

The group was formed by long time writing duo Joseph Fenton & Nicholas Libraro, who throughout the bulk of their adolesence, spent countless hours of writing, jamming, and overall, staying creative in any manner possible.

After the debut of Imaginary Places, the group continued the usual cycle of writing and playing when possible and while tracking out possible new ideas, Fragile Homes welcomed long time friend and current bassist, Adam Troshane. Upon Troshane's arrival, the band took full reign on their career and started the road to becoming something we can all be proud of and feel good playing.

Over a few years of writing the group has debuted a three track EP titled, "Imaginary Places" as well as a EP entitled, " six song album Summer Vacation. Forever, Forever."

Most recently the band has taken the step forward to their debut full length record with a new scorching new single, "Do You Know Who You Are?" released late summer of 2022.


"Do You Know Who You Are?"

released August 19th, 2022

This track confronts the issue of self identity and purpose in a world that encourages conformity and complacency. I whole heartedly believe that a huge amount of negativity in the world stems from negative relationships with ourselves and not really ever feeling secure in not only physical location but societal placement in the world. Sometimes the hardest band-aid to rip off is that we may be our own worst enemy by form of tirelessly searching for meaning.

The band took the time with this song soley to mark their progress leading into the writing room for their debut full length record, due late 2023. The song was recorded with TJ De Rosa as the previous release was.

Fragile Homes takes a cacophony of driving rhythm and sends listeners on a trip that will certainly lead to the next big wall of sound for the group to conquer and send forth.

Fragile Homes Album Cover Summer Vacation Forever Forever

"Summer Vacation. Forever, Forever."

released october 19th, 2021

Fragile Homes returns with their sophomore release, "Summer Vacation. Forever, Forever."

This record was the first release by the band with a pre-production and recording process that included a full performing group of musicians. During the early writing process, Fragile Homes also welcomed full time bass player, Adam Troshane.

Written during the height of a pandemic, the goal for this record was a step back, out of the anxiety that encapsulated the planet at the time. "Summer Vacation. Forever, Forever." in itself was a statement; dedicated to giving up the weight of the world and using this less-burdened self to look inward, outward, and more importantly look forward.

The project was written and arranged in a bedroom in Red Bank, NJ then recorded in a project studio located in Centerreach, NY.

"Imaginary Places"

released july 2019.

In the Summer of 2019, Fragile Homes made their debut onto the scene with a simple, to the point, 3-track indie rock EP.

Starting out as a series of demo tracks thrown together in the breaks during guitarist Joe Fenton's Mercy College audio courses, Imaginary Places was born through a step into the world of independent songwriting and record production, as well as an escape from the catharsis that was defined through the events directly before and during the writing process.

Spring of 2017, Fenton recruited a number of creative collaborators on the then theoretical project those of which included current drummer Nicholas Libraro, as well as audio engineer and producer David Klang.

The debut EP, and the process therein, allowed for the band to come to terms with life at that time and pave the way for what the group is today.


Recorded by David Klang & Fragile Homes at Mercy College MTEC Studios.